Dissolution of Alberta's Legislature

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The current government has lost the confidence of the majority of Albertans. During recent weeks, hundreds of medical professionals and other public servants, as well as Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition have been calling on the Government of Alberta to take more swift and strong measures to combat a deadly virus that is spreading uncontrolled through our province. The evidence that in their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic they have disregarded medical practice and advice used to combat this virus in other provinces and jurisdictions throughout the country is mounting, as is the evidence that their decisions are being motivated by their own political longevity and not the interests of those they were elected to represent.

The lives of hundreds --if not thousands-- of Albertans are at risk and we simply cannot afford to wait until the next scheduled election for responsible governance. These actions and decisions on the part of of Premier and his cabinet will predictably result in unnecessary deaths of Albertans, and so our government must be immediately held accountable for their negligence.

Your Honour, we are Her Majesty's humble subjects and ask that you please act on our request to dissolve the current Alberta legislature so that this government can be immediately held to account by the people they have sworn to serve and are demonstrably failing.

We thank you for your service to the people of Alberta.