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Brandy's Law. The petition to change the laws on Domestic Violence and Protective Orders.

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Hey Friends

My name is Lindsey Collins and I am the childhood friend/sister of Brandy Marie Greenwood Sullivan. My dear friend was the victim of Domestic Violence in Alaska February 16th 2017. She was shot multiple times by her estranged husband while their children were home. My friend is and was the kindest, happiest most loving soul that you could ever imagine being around. Brandy was always the person to make you smile without even saying a word. Her smile was infectious.

Growing up together she was our little beauty queen. Always so sweet, poised, pretty and most of all the most gentle. We had many laughs together singing songs trying to record our voices with our also very close friend Chrissy Dixon. The three of us even though we all lived very separate lives had a close bond that we could just pick up where we left off. We were each others first best friends. All three of us girls would get jealous of one another if one was hanging out without the other, just like sisters fighting over the same dress.  

We all recently had planned and reunion trip to commence this April 22 2017. All of us were so very excited to be in California where I live on the beach catching up about our lives but also being with and showing our support for the recent split between Brandy and her husband. Calling this trip the New Beginning Trip , even to include her younger sister Tina we were so happy she could be making the trip as well. Just us four girls back together again. Brandy and I had many long conversations of life and where we are and what we wanted to achieve as mothers and sisters. We vowed to start traveling a lot more and being in each others lives more consistently.

That night I will never forget getting a phone call that would change my life forever. On the other end was Tina telling me that Brandy had been murdered. It was the most shocking thing ever and I was at a loss for words. I couldn't even cry or comprehend what she was telling me. Completely Numb I quickly got on a plane to Alaska. In finding out more details of what happened I vowed to make a change in Brandy's Name. She had a protective order that wasn't worth the paper it was written on. Brandy had explained to me prior that the order had been broken when Adam her estranged husband had destroyed her home and followed her around even as much as to spitting in her face in public.

This treatment was not deserved nor would it have been in process if the order was taken seriously. I and many others feel that it is crucial to make changes to the protective orders for domestic violence right now. More extensive punishment when broken and more detailed requirements when enlisting one. I feel these protective orders need to be taken more seriously for the prevention of this very horrific act that was bestowed upon Brandy. I do feel that if action would have been taken more aggressively when Brandy's home was destroyed by Adam she may be still with us today and soon sitting on a beach with her sisters.

I would like for everyone to sign this petition so that I may be able to present it to the Alaska State Legislation for a my bill that I will be filing called { Brandy's Law }.I would like to make sure that this can be prevented on happening to any other family ever again. We can not predict the future but what we can do is make an effort to change the outcome. Please for Brandy, her daughters, her mother, the rest of the family and friends help me make this possible so that I may be able to give a little light of sunshine to her daughters. Tina said it the best. We are still here and we will be her voice. I appreciate every last one of you for your help and cherish your time.

Thank You

Lindsey Collins

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