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11th Hour Reprieve!!!

Laurence Faulks
San Francisco, CA

Nov 16, 2012 — Yesterday was one hell of a day!!! I was up almost all night packing and freaking out. I got out all of my camping gear and with Google's help, I found a nice state park with showers that wasn't too far away. I figured that at least I could spend a few days unwinding before looking for a place to live.

Around 12:30 pm, about two dozen supporters from Occupy showed up, along with a photographer from the Chronicle. About a half hour before the eviction was to take place, the sheriff called it off for two weeks. He'd been pressured by two members of the city Board of Supervisors and a couple of community groups. My lawyers joined the small crowd and we posed for pictures. It was a great win! I've done a lot of catching up on my sleep since then.

There's also a follow up article in the local gay paper. When it went to press, the eviction was still going ahead.

This afternoon, I was interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle. It

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