Ban racist tv advertisements

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Ban Television advertisements promoting racism

 I am a seventeen years girl and I barely had no idea when I saw this page ( matrimony) in newspaper for the first time...all of them wanted a bride with fair skin.

And I also don't know why people are so obsessed with fair skin?? Many girls in our country were rejected by men and his relatives and the reason given by them is that she is dark so she is not beautiful!! It is the only reason given by them to reject. It is the same scenario with the boys also(not only girls) how is this even possible?how can a person be ugly if he/she is after listening to all of this I started to do list the possible reasons for the obsession with the fair skin..and guess what? I found it is mostly due to depiction of tv advertisements of showing a girl with dark skin as ugly one and the one with fair skin as beautiful and pretty one.

Many cosmetic companies like

  • Fair and lovely
  • Fairever
  • Garnier (white complete)
  • Ponds (@white beauty){the name it self says white beauty promoting rascism}  
  • Fair and handsome(for men)etc

They create this kind of myth in people that fair is beautiful by showing dark ones as dull,ugly,and with no confidence but showing the fair one one with confidence and beautiful..this creates a lack of confidence in dark skinned ones and they themself push them into a life-threatening scenario like undergoing laser skin lightning treatments and using skin lightning cosmetics (which are believed carcinogenic. 

Help me sign this petition to stop this rubbish and stop racism and Bully!! And also please stop using skin lightning cosmetics.. . Because "beauty is not about skin colour,it's about your mind how you think and how you behave"