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In India, marketing and advertising products and services are mainly on gender roles, family hierarchy and traditions. Indian advertising agencies uses highly sexist strategies to market and sell the product. They exploit and defame women by portraying them as dependent, weak, doing household chores, taking care of the needs of her family, etc.

Here are few examples of sexist ads:

  • Jack and jones ad of “Don’t hold back, take your work home.” Many working women face in India face the issue of sexual harassment. The fact of Ranveer Singh in the ad doesn’t make it less sexist.
  • Zomato ad of M.C, B.C. even we hear these terms often, the ad is not funny. They need to be more respectable towards women.
  • Thumbs up ad where Salman Khan is shown doing unrealistic stunts. It is just an aerated drink and even women can do it.
  •  Airtel ad where you see a lady boss but she still has to go home and cook for her husband.
  • Lotus cooking oil where a newlywed woman has to impress her family through her cooking skills.
  • Mother dairy ad where a mother is shown incapable to stand up for herself and needs protection
  • Moov ad where a woman does daily chores while her husband is enjoying watching match.
  • MTR ad of woman with six hands, taking care of the likes and dislikes of the family while preparing breakfast.
  • Kinderjoy ad which has different packing for girls and boys, blue for boys and pink for girls.

There are many such ads of dish wash, laundry products where women are doing all the household work. Also, why do soap, shampoo, oil, have women? They are used by men too. Not only that, women’s sexuality is shown without any relevance to the product. TV commercials are heavy on machismo doing adventures, helping and rescuing others while women are portrayed weak mentally, physically as well as financially rather than showing them as independent.

The media has a great responsibility in promoting equality between men and women. If you want advertising companies and agencies to stop using gender stereotypes and female bodies to sell anything and everything, you must sign this. Let’s take a step towards equality. It’s these small steps which will bring a change.

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