Eliminate the use of Roundup herbicide in the community.

Eliminate the use of Roundup herbicide in the community.

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Started by Sonia Ocampo

Hello Admiral Hartman community! I am currently going around to our community to bring awareness of Liberty housing’s usage of Roundup in the neighborhood as part of their landscaping protocol. I would like to bring awareness that Roundup Weed Killer, produced by Monsanto, is a highly toxic herbicide that has no place in the parks or on the playgrounds where our children play. 

Hazards to People & Pets: Laboratory and epidemiological studies confirm that Roundup poses serious health risks, including endocrine (hormone) disruption, DNA damage, cancer, birth defects and neurological disorders even in low, realistic doses.

Hazards to the Environment: Roundup kills earthworms and beneficial insects and pollutes our groundwater.

Roundup products have never been properly tested and assessed for safety. In 2009, a French court found Monsanto guilty of lying about their product safety claims and Roundup was deemed dangerous for the environment.

Alternative weed control methods are available, including more durable protective barriers, adding layers of mulch, infrared heat weeders, herbicidal soap sprays and non-toxic spray-on herbicides.

We ask that the use of Roundup by Liberty housing company be discontinued immediately and an alternative weed control method be implemented if the well-being of Liberty residents is valued. We bring our children and dogs to community parks and playgrounds as well as our surrounding neighborhood for sunshine, fresh air and exercise - not a dose of DNA altering poison.

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9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!