The approval to wear "half uni" in school everyday for student's comfort and health


The approval to wear "half uni" in school everyday for student's comfort and health

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Silent Solitude started this petition to The administrative staff of Bowen Secondary School

As a student of Bowen Secondary School, I find myself to be in great guilt when I see my fellow schoolmates complaining and suffering in the hands of the new uniform rules. There are problems concerned in the recent changes and this article intends to address them and give a solution in the form of the old "half u".

The problems are as follows
. The hot, tropical climate of Singapore causes students to sweat a large quantity. The uniform/polo-shirt accentuates this effect, leading to discomfort.
. Body odor is made more prominant when in uniform/polo-shirt.
. More laundry has to be done.
. The ladies have to wear two layers of clothing which can be quite cumbersome.
. Health issues related to heat stroke

The problems above are examples and there are many complaints to be had over this matter.

The arguement to be had is that students have abused the system, leading to the removal of "half uni". But, is the chances of a student showing up for examinations in "half u" not lower than a student showing up for Monday morning assembly in polo-shirt?

Another problem arises, which I agree with. Should the relinquishment of the current rule be taken into effect, it would put those who already bought the polo-shirt in an awkward position. This is bad for those who are in a not ideal financial situation. A solution for them is to provide a refund if they have bought it. For the other students, cca and class shirts may be subsidised as compensation.

Uniforms serve the purpose of providing formality in class. Classes ought to be conducted in a formal manner, creating a conducive environment for learning.

School attire in general, is the representation of a school's ideals, values and pride. However, there comes a tine when symbolism and practicality must be weighed and balanced. The new rule has upset this balance. Why must a simple shirt cause problems the "half uni" fixes? Lessons must be conducted formally, but why must we allow defence of our pride be our downfall? When has it been attacked?

The polo shirt is generally met with harsh criticism. It has been cited as ugly, useless, expensive. I agree with the student body. I think the polo shirt should be repurposed for other uses.

There comes a time when a man must fight for what he believes is right. I humbly request that the administrative staff of Bowen Secondary School view this proposition with careful consideration. My fellow schoolmates and I truly believe that this is a cause worth supporting. To you, the student who thinks this is nothing but hopeless, I urge you to join us. We must band in camraderie to fight. You may not feel strong by yourself. But, let the weakness of an individual be the strength of a legion.

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all students are created equal and that we are endowed with certain unalienable rights, among which is the pursuit of happiness and liberty. A decent respect to the opinions of students require that they should declare their problems that causes them unhappiness, that which makes us suffer in silence.

I rest my case.


This petition made change with 3,217 supporters!

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