We Want Better and Traditional Superlatives

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It seems like some of the more iconic superlatives have been disregarded. (ie Best Eyes, Sweethearts, Best Hair, Most Athletic, Best Car, Best Friends, Best Smile, Best Dressed, Most Talkative, etc.)
By having superlatives, it is already assumed not everybody can be included, but a lot of the options given this year fall under the same umbrella and it is hard to come up with multiple names of people who could fall under each of them. (example below)
Wouldn’t ‘Future Scientist’ already be similar to “Most Likely to Work at NASA’ or “Winner of Battle Bots”, etc. ?
It is not to say we can’t include these, but then there should also be some that focus on personality or other well known traits too.
And some students are challenged by categories like cardplayer. It’s not like there is much time for people to play cards at school, yet we can’t even include if somebody genuinely has a great smile or dressess great!
High school is trying to prepare us for the ‘real world’ or life as an adult, but in the real world there is not going to be awards and titles made for everyone, and to make sure people were okay having senior polls again this year, Yearbook staff went around and asked senior classes with a majority of students agreeing to them, accepting they may or may not be voted for the superlatives.
Superlatives have always been apart of high school yearbooks, but we can’t even have some of the categories used in past Tech yearbooks… aren’t those the ones people expect to see because since freshmen year these are the superlatives which have been in the previous yearbook publications?
If people feel discluded, than those in the yearbook can seek out those who are not in the yearbook as much to find other ways to include them in a book which celebrates Tech and all the unique personalities that pass through the hallways. After all, there is so much more to the yearbook than just superlatives.


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