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Make the Associated Danilack Phys.Ed Curriculum Equal For Boys and Girls

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The Danilack Phys.Ed curriculum each year is repeated without anyone noticing its major flaw. The curriculum is very different for boys and girls, and we find it extremely sexist/stereotypical and upsetting. The first thing is that the girls are forced into units that stereotypically known as "girl sports"; like dance, rhythmic gymnastics, and yoga, while the boys don't even have these units. There is nothing wrong with having units like dance or rhythmic gymnastics but there is something wrong with the fact that girls have to dance, and boys don't, just like the stereotype. Some boys enjoy dance and would like to have dance as a part of their lessons, but because of this curriculum, they may feel like they aren't allowed to like it merely because again, stereotypically, it's a "girl sport". And some girls don't even want to dance but are forced to just for the reason of being a girl, and the Danilack curriculum just encourages that this stereotype is ok and correct. Girl's are also forced to do fitness assessments like the hand-eye coordination test, long jumps, and much more, but it's assumed the boys have all these skills already. Yes, girls and boys do participate in some of the same sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc but whenever a new unit in gym begins, the girls don't get to start playing right away like the boys do. We go through 3-4 classes of just drills and review of things we learned when we were still at the lower associated branches. The same way curriculum for math and science is the same for all genders and classes, Phys.Ed should be as well. It is a class just like the other subjects, and there is no reason why girls and boys can't do the same units and activities. We are judged based on our gender. Associated Phys.Ed simply assumes that girls need lessons and boys don't. To be clear, we don't want boys to have dance. But we do want the curriculum to be equal. The girls (for the most part) would rather go without the dance unit, and the fitness assessments, and the drills, just like the boys. To make a change, and to end the stereotypical Phys.Ed program at Danilack, and make a more equal and fairer learning environment, sign below!

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