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Get Gilbert Gottfried to play the Dark Knight.

In recent years the world has seen numerous actors portray the beloved comic book hero, Batman. The best actor ever so far to portray the caped crusader, Adam West, is obviously too old to play an onscreen Batman anymore, though he'd make a great Alfred. Since Mr. West, we have seen numerous poor replacements for the Bat, like the recent horrendous offering from Christian Bale and now we apparently have Ben Affleck coming up next. Seeing all these poor substitutions has finally convinced me to create this petition to get the actor we and DC's Batman so heartily deserve and need right now, Gilbert Gottfried. We the people have the power to get this done, and with that power comes the great responsibility to do what is right. So I ask the people of the United States, nay the World, to sign this petition so that the worlds greatest superhero can be played by the man most befitting to fill his shoes, Gilbert Gottfried!

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  • The actor to portray Batman/Bruce Wayne.

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