The Actor and Actress case should be handed over to CBI without further delay

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The famous actor and actress case should be handed over to CBI . The reason why i am writting this petition is because woman and man should get justice .A woman have come forward with a petition in which correct justice should be given. But now everything is surrounding around pulsor sunil who is already a criminal and police force could not find this person for years even after the look out notice was issued . The best part is he was the driver of a famous actor and now MLA of the present government which needs an independant investigation . This criminal has done same crime before also to an actress and police complaint was registered. Neither the police or poltical party did justice to her. The same police force taking all words of pulsor sunil and moving forward with the case itself shows some issue . One of the actresses who was the former wife of the same actor is a close friend of the investigating officer so we need an independant enquiry for the case . The investigating officer has done a similar case very complicated in Trivandrum . Same way this is also moving so strongly. Feel since both the man and woman are celebrities we should have a CBI ENQUIRY so that justice can be given without any local, political and police influence who has not been able to do anything against this pulsor suni for years .

The same investigating officer have done a similar case which has not gone further. The cases are jisha case ,swami case and now this actress case so what justice can she provide to the actress.

The real criminal should be punished for which a CBI enquiry is needed . Request PMO OFFICE to interfere in this case and do justice to woman fretenity.

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