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1) They make action movies (The fact someone can get an oscar for an action movie and not mention the stuntmen is ridiculous)
2) they are the ones that put their lives on the line
3) it's an art form (you can't make a librarian kick the same way Jackie Chan would).
4) They want one and I can't think of a reason not to let them have one

I would love your support!

This is copied from (a closed petition) as well as the petition letter.

'Every year, millions of people thrill to see their silver screen heroes do the impossible. But the excitement that we as movie fans feel is only possible thanks to the enormous dedication and skill of the Stunt Coordinators and their team of performers. Without their hard work our cinematic dreams fall flat, and more importantly real people on and off camera can be hurt. But despite the incredible dangers, the years of training and work, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has failed to recognize these tireless artists with an Oscar category. This was made abundantly clear this year, when Bob Anderson sword master and stunt performer of countless films was not even mentioned in the memorial montage during the Oscars. Anderson's work can be seen in films like the Star Wars Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean; Curse of the Black Pearl, The Mask of Zorro, The Princess Bride and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Bob Anderson had a hand in creating some of the most memorable moments in movies, and his name did not even rate a brief mention with the Academy. It is in the memory of Bob Anderson, and others like him that I have created this petition, as a means of ensuring that other talented committed and inventive people do not go ignored by the motion picture industry.


Since I became interested in this cause, I have been in contact with Stunt Coordinator Jack Gill, whose work can be seen in films like Fast Five, Wanderlust and Talladega Nights.  Mr. Gill informed me that his continuing efforts to see a Best Stunt Coordinator category have been going on for more than twenty years.  And despite a good deal of support from members of the film community, the Academy's Board of Governors has still not relented.  Mr. Gill will be submitting his request this year on April 1st and expects a decision will be made in June.  

Please help him, and others like him to see that their work is recognized by the Academy. In Mr. Gill's own words,

"If we can get the public involved and flood the Academy with requests for this category, it may just sway their decision."

If you have ever enjoyed a movie, held your breath during an impossible leap from a building,  thrilled at the high speed chase, or clung to the edge of your seat when good and evil fought it out on the big screen, then please sign this petition. Tell the Academy that the men and women who make the death-defying, thrilling and incredible adventures happen over and over again, deserve recognition.  They deserve an Oscar.'




Letter to
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts
Executive Director of The Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Science Dawn Hudson
President of The Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Science Tom Sherak
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts.

Make a category at the Oscars for Stunt Coordinators!

I am a fan of movies. I understand that it takes a great deal of work and effort to make a truly great picture. And I believe that those whose work is responsible for the excitement and drama we feel as an audience should be acknowledged by the organizations of their peers.

Stunt performers and coordinators are an important part of film making and they have been from the very beginning of cinema. In an industry when any poor element can have the effect of ruining the entire illusion of movies, stunt performers have the impossible task of making a danger seem real and immediate, while keeping themselves and others safe. And the great films that have been honored in the Academy's past have all shared incredible and unforgettable stunts. From the very first Oscar winner for Best Picture, "Wings" which used 14 stunt pilots for its battle scenes, to modern films like "The Godfather" or "The Hurt Locker", stunt coordinators have helped to create indelible experiences for movie goers.

From my reading, I have seen that the most frequent objection by the Academy in this matter, is that the already lengthy Oscar broadcast would become even longer. While I can agree that extending the program much longer than it already is would be difficult, I can virtually guarantee that the added length will only be a boon for the Oscars. Fans of movies will tune in to see the thrilling spectacles that brought them to the movies all over again. And they will want to know that the men and women who put themselves in harms way for our entertainment are being recognized for their achievements.

So to the Academy I would like to once again formally request that you create a category for Best Stunt Coordinator for the 85th Academy Awards next year. Thank you for your time and attention


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