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Dr. Stapleton must be replaced

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Good afternoon, 

I am the parent of a 2nd grade student in TACS Hempstead,NY. I've heard countless horror stories about the administration there mainly Dr. Stapleton but never had an encounter with him until today. My son has been bullied by the same student since earlier in the school year. He has been physically,mentality and verbally assaulted by this individual. I've met with the Dean of students who assured me that the problem would be handled. I requested to transfer my son out of the class for his own safety. I was told by the Dean that my son should not be punished as he is the victim and removing him would be unfair. I was then told the other student would be moved if they had open space in a classroom. After this child's suspension the problem seemed to be resolved until this past Thursday. I received a call from the school nurse that my son was punched in the mouth by this student. Knowing the history behind this incident, I was contacted by Dr.stapleton asking for a meeting at 8:15 this morning(Tuesday5/30). I arrived with my son at 8:15 for our meeting. We were finally called to his office and inside was Mrs. Wallace at the table. I had my cell phone in my hand I turned the volume off and placed it in my bag. Dr. Stapleton then said to me you have to turn your phone off this meeting can not be recorded. I replied that it's not recording and that I turned the volume down.  I showed him and Mrs Wallace my phone. He demanded that I must shut it completely off or this meeting was over. I explained that my phone does not need to be off and how dare he end this meeting without a resolution to my sons problem. I explained my son is a victim and the school isn't doing what it has to for his protection. He was more concerned that he would be recorded than the safety of my child. I've heard how he is a bully with parents whom disagrees with him and has even opened CPS Cases on many parent who challenge his authority.After being escorted out of rhe school ,I contacted an attorney who said I should immediately go to the police dept juvenile services. She also informed me that even if I did record the meeting it would be in my legal right to do so. I did go to the police in hopes someone will finally be held responsible. I've written an email to the Executive Director Mr. Haughton and will be writing each of the Board of Directors. Any administrator that can not ensure the safety of their students and deal with parents on a civilized basis should be immediately removed. Many children are taking their own lives and the lives of others while the schools turn a blind eye due to bullying. The schools need to be held accountable. Please sign so that this bully can be replaced by a rational adult more able to resolve conflicts instead of inciting conflict.

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