Ask the Academy and ABC to go Fur Free #FurFreeOscars!!

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  • An Open Letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The American Broadcasting Company, the attendees, nominees and future winners of the Oscars class of 2019.

We, citizens and artists against animal cruelty, invite you to celebrate Hollywood’s biggest and brightest night, in the Fashion of Compassion, by going Fur Free!

In 2019, no longer do we need to see senselessly tortured animals worn by humans on the red carpet, the Oscar stage or on any other set, stage or screen. We now know that every fur coat or similar garment involves immense cruelty, such as the anal-electrocution or skinning alive of 30-40 beautiful animals, just for one coat. In a modern society, and especially in an industry that champions progressive values, equality and fair treatment for all (#MeToo), there is really no place for such public displays of cruelty and total disregard for others, as we have recently seen at the Super Bowl Half-Time show, by one of the key performers.

As you may know, the City of Los Angeles has just banned the production and sale of fur, and is officially Fur Free (joining many other cities around the world) and the state of California has passed The California Cruelty-Free Beauty Products Act.

We call upon you, moviemakers, artists, and trend-setters for the rest of the world, to join the ethical movement behind these laws, and display a Cruelty Free, Fur Free celebration of art, beauty and compassion on this magical night of the Oscars!

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Citizens and Artists Against Animal Cruelty