A petition for a general Regularisation of Immigrants without papers in Belgium.

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There are many people living in Belgium whose documents are not in order, due the difficult, expensive and strict legal procedures associated with the issuances of resident permits for foreigners. Our petition is specifically for Immigrants who are willing to add value to the socio-cultural and economic processes of the society, the sick and disabled and those in danger but not dangerous.

We do agree that some immigrants with difficult and criminal characters must not be given chances to remain in our society and cause harm to people and their properties.

We believe that all immigrants are not the same due to differences in their training, climate and values, therefore there must be a neutral and efficient commision to look into the files to find those who deserve to live officially with us.

We believe that life without document in the western culture, negativily affects the human right admintrative justice.

How would it be if one illegal immigrant in your neighborhood is giving the right to live free and travel freely like any other person without fear of police arrest or harassment?

My people, I say get yourselves together and dialogue, negotiate or lobby for a general Regularisation of the immigrants without papers for survival.

It has always been difficult for some government or authorities to take simple decisions when it comes to immigrants affairs. This time we are asking for a positive discrimination to promote humanity, peace and love.


Thank you.

Richard Nana Amoako. 

(Sp.a Belgium.)


Burgemeester Nolfplein.

2170 Merksem

Antwermen Belgium


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