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The 4 H Club: Stop allowing the sale of livestock to inhumane slaughter houses

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The 4 H Club partake in multiple livestock auctions every year. During this outdated and heinous activity cows and pigs are prodded onto platforms, local supermarkets crowd around the stage to place bids and send these animals off to slaughter at inhumane facilities. The 4 H Club allows these animals to be taken from farms where they are free to graze and roam and be sent to inhumane slaughter houses. We need to send a message, inhumane slaughter is wrong! I would like to petition the 4 H Club to either stop this cruel and belittling act of auction or to ensure that the animals that are sold only be sold to certified humane facilities. Please sign and help end, even if only a small part, of suffering.Let's join together! Thank you!!


Note: I have been recieving mail from some who claim that I am bad mouthing the 4H. My petition is to ask the 4H that they ensure that when livestock is sold at their auctions that they be sold to slaughter houses that abide my federal animal humane guidelines or even those who have gone a step further to be certified as humane. 4H has always stood for the betterment of animals when raised on farms, I am just asking them to take that a step further to see that betterment through till their deaths.

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