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Offer a Scenario "C" allowing LHS-7 to attend Olentangy Liberty High School.

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It is our foremost intent to collectively advocate real and unique choices for the Superintendent’s consideration.  Please note these changes only address west of the Olentangy River.  It is a popular opinion that the Attendance Boundaries Committee should provide our superintendent with alternate, lateral thinking that results in varied, multiple solutions.  He should receive, at a minimum, two significantly different and creative plans, or even three or more plans each with significant differences.  That is currently not being offered.

 Attendance Boundaries Committee Principles as set forth by the School Board:

1) Each building should be optimally utilized

In order to achieve and maintain a stable body of students within OLHS, communities should be given an extra consideration to move if they:

  • continue to see growth
  • have opportunity for phases to be built 
  • border either the boundary lines of a school other than its current assignment or a planning unit that is also being redistricted.

These communities will continue to bring housing starts and students into the growing Planning Units and were accounted for in a previous plan that moved LHS 1, 2, and 4 to Olentangy High School.  It may be better suited to align these neighborhoods, namely, Scioto Reserve North and Harvest Point, where there is potential for growth, in a building that can comfortably absorb the growing numbers. With this in mind, LHS 1 (21), LHS 2 (34) and LHS 4 (193) would more than balance out the idea of keeping LHS 7 (224) in place and provide diversity in the solutions sent to the Superintendent.

2) Once determined, after consideration of projected enrollment, attendance areas should remain intact, except to adjust for unexpectedly disparate student populations; distribute programs among schools to optimally utilize facilities; or for the opening of additional buildings.

Within the identified Planning Unit of LHS 7 there is limited room for development.  The only plan is a small, high-end condo community designed and marketed to empty nesters at the corner of Grace Dr. and SR 750.  Offering at least one plan that does not move LHS 7 would preserve this principle for a longer term as well as take advantage of student population attrition reducing the need for adjustment as often.  Without continued building/construction, the attendance area remains a predictable, although fluid, student population.

3) Safety, convenience and efficiency of transportation, as well as student travel times and current population patterns, should be considered in assigning students’ buildings.

Based on general traffic patterns, the committee believes (as do we) that a plan which predominately incorporates East-West travel vs. North-South will be the safest, quickest, and most convenient.   It must be a serious consideration of the Superintendent, School Board and Committee members that the statistics of traffic incidents and accidents documented by the Ohio State Highway Patrol are very high at the intersections of SR 315 & SR 750, and also at SR 23 & SR 750.  We have collected data on traffic incidents at the intersections and have attached them to the petition for review and consideration.

  • Map #1 (see above) demonstrates the directness of a group of LHS 4 students to commute to OHS.  Hyatts Road is a minimally traveled road with no requirement for the students to drive on SR 315 or SR 23. 
  • Map #2 demonstrates the three options for routes from the southwest corner of LH7 to OHS.  (Please note the detour around the intersection of SR 750 and SR 315 as that intersection is closed currently.)  Also, please note that the intersection of Home Rd and SR 315 will be closed in 2018-2019, per the Delaware County Engineer’s website, for an undetermined amount of time.  The most direct route on map #2 requires 3.4 miles of driving on SR 23 for buses and licensed students.  The traffic incidents on SR 23 far outweigh the incidents recorded at the intersection of Hyatts Rd and SR 23.

4) Alignment of elementary, middle and high school attendance areas should be a factor in establishing attendance areas as much as possible.

Considering the different ‘Scenario C’ that we are proposing be brought back, it is reasonable to consider that:

  • Liberty Tree ES, Scioto Ridge ES, and Indian Springs ES can be arranged so utilization numbers will be balanced and underutilization situations improved while feeding Hyatts Middle School.
  • Aligning this area would create a clean feeder pattern from elementary school, through middle school and then onto high school.  It would also increase the feeder percentages in some extremely unbalanced situations, as low as 10% of a population feeding a school thus providing positive assimilation of students to their new environments.
  • The give and take of offering varying and differentiated plans may cause some elementary to middle school feeders to drop in percentage but nothing below already acceptable levels.

5) Avoidance of proximity as a deciding factor.

We believe factors such as those mentioned in these other four principles above must be considered over and above proximity in deciding what plans are best.  Proximity can be an attractive deciding point, but it can easily negate principles like safety, lateral thinking, assimilation, and balanced utilization. It also rarely results in an equitable plan.

The Superintendent, being an experienced professional educator, should be provided a wide variety of suggestions to consider not nearly identical scenarios.  To best take advantage of the Superintendent’s knowledge and experience, differentiated scenarios must be presented allowing him to consider each scenario’s advantages and disadvantages with respect to the entire Olentangy Local School District student body. To that end, we are urging the ABC committee to reinstate the previous scenario that moved LHS 1a, 1b, and 4 or provide a new ‘Scenario C’ in order to offer multiple alternatives that showcase varied and diverse solutions to the Superintendent.

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