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      Water...the Single Most Essential Building Block of Life!

I'm OscarKnows, Public Affairs Spokesman for the San Francisco Peninsula Fire Safe Council ( asking Water Users like You to HELP BAY AREA WATER USERS STOP the Open the SF Watershed campaign and Protect the 2.6 million Bay Areas Water Users Hetch Hetchy Reservoirs from terrorist firebombs and polluting criminal pot growers located on the SFPUC San Francisco Peninsula Watershed. "It's a great baby step, but much more needs to be done," said founder Gary Kremen, a member of Open the S.F. Watershed. The group claims the commission should open all the access roads on the property to the public and has garnered support from San Mateo County Supervisors Dave Pine and Don Horsley.

The Perfectly Scripted Disaster

Many believe that the next great disaster that could befall San Francisco would be a contemporary repeat of the great earthquake and subsequent fire of 1906. Most of the Bay Area residents are unaware that a similar fate could beset this city we love, should a Perfect Firestorm ever rage in that city's watershed and reservoir system, denying not only the City of San Francisco, but the San Francisco Peninsula its only water supply for up to several years. The Hetch Hetchy System is recognized as the most vulnerable terrorist target in Northern California by the FBI.  In addition to the lives and property lost through such a fire, this tragedy comes with a minimal price tag of over $30 billion dollars per month for the first two to three years. Neither the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) nor the US Department of the Interior can deny assertion. Actually, such a calamity might just devastate the economy of all of California, not just the City of San Francisco and all of the other municipalities dependent on water from the SFPUC run Hetch Hetchy System. Without water available to San Francisco and her sister Peninsula communities, we can imagine these communities, with over eight times the population of New Orleans, will face the same civil strife that city experienced after Katrina. Unfortunately, the lack of our regular and only viable water source would make our predicament even worse, necessitating the abandonment of the San Francisco Peninsula.

When the Best is Proven Not Enough

Cal Fire and the National Park Service are said to provide their best support in protecting Yosemite National Park. Even so, the four hundred square mile Rim Fire of August, 2013 stands as the first largest forest fire in California history. The combined Cal Fire and National Park Service mitigation through forty years of fire prescribed burns was not enough to keep about a third of the total area of the fire moving into Yosemite National Park boundaries, threatening the Hetch Hetchy System. It could be a decade before the “water quantity and quality impacts by fire” to the source of the San Francisco Bay Area water are understood.

San Francisco Peninsula Fire Safe Council asks the reader: If the best is shown insufficient in and around Yosemite National Park, how long will we allow chance and fate to decide to deprive us by a fire that will certainly come into the SFPUC Watersheds?

Please Sign This Save Our Bay Area Water Users Hetch Hetchy Reservoirs Petition Today!

Oscar Braun   

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