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Pass a Jobs Bill

The official unemployment rate sits at 9.2 %. This is not because President Obama is a reckless spending socialist, or because of "Job Killing Obamacare". No, this is because the Republican Party is hell-bent on preventing President Obama from being reelected, because they are determined, no matter the human cost, no matter the treasonous means, to make the Obama Presidency a failure.

Where is your jobs bill Mr. Speaker? WHERE ARE THE JOBS? How about you the "Patriot" Freshmen members of Congress? We-the true Patriots, demand the Government take action, demand our infrastructure be improved and modernized, demand unemployment benefits be extended, demand our Veterans-who deserve more than we could ever give, are employed, are given the tools needed to succeed at home.

This shouldn't be about politics, about partisanship, about spending, or about deficits. People...AMERICANS...are suffering. Americans are going hungry, are going without health care, without peace of mind, without happiness, without HOPE. The Private Sector alone will not solve this problem. Compassion, altruism-they don't make appearances in the budgets of most corporations. They sadly are content with not simply getting by with less, but with making more with less. In other words, they have no incentive to hire.

No, the Government must take action, and we demand it.

President Obama has asked Congress to act.

America is demanding Congress act.

I hope we're asking this for the last time

Where are the Jobs?


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