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Ban of all automatic & semiautomatic guns, rifles and assault weapons.

There is thought to be an approximate 250 million guns in the US civilian population right now and as the violence in this country increases, many people think that if they buy more guns, they will somehow be safer. This is a fallacy. A society where every Tom, Dick and Harry is wielding an assault weapon for self protection is not a safe, nor a very sane one.... While people will always find a way to acquire guns, that is not a reason to throw up our hands and say, "why bother with government regulation and control?" Sometimes a nation needs to re-interpret its laws and constitution in accordance with a societies greater good. In our democracy, it's all about 'individual choice'. But when a nation is suffering from a gun problem so pervasive that it has become a national security and public health problem, individual choice no longer takes precedence. Banning all guns? ... No, that's not what this petition is about. Specifically, ... I'm talking about banning the purchase of automatic and semiautomatic guns, rifles and assault weapons within the civilian population, the likes of which can easily be attained at gun trade shows and your local handgun wielding hardware store. Increasingly, it's these very weapons that violently kill innocent law abiding men, women and children. They float around, are traded and sold .... stolen, trafficked and traded again with no record of ownership and or registration. Automatic and semiautomatic handguns, rifles and assault weapons that fire many rounds in a minute do not do much more to enhance self-defense than an ordinary pistol or rifle. Such weapons are also not much use for hunting and gaming. They are however very good for killing lots of people very fast.... Let's ban the purchase of automatic and semiautomatic handguns, rifles and assault weapons within our civilian population now! Let's do this for those who have suffered such violent deaths in the presence of these weapons.

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