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The 100 club: Give donations to the fallen firefighter's families. Sign the petition!

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May 31, 2013 four firefighters were killed in a raging motel fire in Houston, Texas. It was a horrific tragedy striking the hearts of people all over the country and some across the globe. Many of us watched the news feed as the surviving members of the firefighting team covered their fallen brother or sister with the American flag. I wept as my heart began to break. As the hours passed, the news verified 3 men and one woman were killed fighting the blaze. "Oh the horror their families must be feeling. OH GOODNESS! THEIR FAMILIES!" I thought. Firefighters, like most public servants, do what they do to serve, not to get rich. Not only would their family be facing the traumatic process of losing a loved one, they would also have to face the financial strain that comes with death. Well, not if I could help it!
"How can I help?" was my next thought. "Where can I donate money to ensure it would go to the families?" I asked.
The 100 club helps the spouses and children of the fallen, but these 4 were unmarried and had no children. Hum...Does that mean the 100 club won't help them? PRETTY MUCH!
We were directed to give to the 100 club by the fire department. Even our own mayor directed our donations to the 100 club via twitter. Even today, there is a billboard with the photos of the fallen along with the 100 club logo! Now there have been many fundraisers to help firefighters; not just these fallen 4 either, so why has the 100 not taken ANY steps to clear this widespread but very wrong information? Whatever their reason, it's not good enough!
I am asking the 100 club to equally divide the donations intended to go to the fallen and injured firefighters of the may 31, 2013 motel fire among the families of the fallen and the survivors.

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