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The 1%: Pay Us Back

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We the People of this Country and Citizens of the World must Sue the richest 1% and other guilty parties for:

1. Monopolizing and creating unrighteous illegal working conditions worldwide.
2. Allowing worldwide starvation
3. Massive Tax Evasion, Falsifying Documents
4. Changing the rules to buy Governments
5. Massacring our Forests, Oceans, Wildlife, and our own Backyards
6. Poisoning our Water, Food, and Air.
7. Aiding, Abetting and Encouraging Human Trafficking and Slavery so the Poor end up in their Factories.
8. Jailing over Marijuana when it cures Cancer and Jailing Humans for Profit
9. Theft, Bribery, Intimidation, Manipulation, and Murder
10. Using TV, Media, Newspapers, etc. to Confuse, Divide and Conquer its Citizens
11. Having the Nerve and Insulting our Intelligence by taking OUR money and spending it as they Wish. Blaming US for the Problems while keeping us Poor, Poorer, and Poorest
12. Genetically modifying our Food, Bribing and Weakening Government agencies to accomplish their Deceptive Goals
13. Bribing the Courts
14. Using Wall Street to Steal and Wash their Laundered Money, Stocks, Assets, etc.
15. Authoring and Implementing a Deliberately Confusing Tax Code that allows them to Cheat us out of Tax Money a.k.a Theft
16. Hiding Taxable Assets throughout the World
17. Buying, Intimidating, Bribing, Coercing, Promising, Blackmailing and doing God know what else to our Politicians and Elected Officials
18. Deliberately uninforming citizens by buying TV News Channels and Suppressing real News and Journalism.
19. Putting undue Stress and Confusion on the Economies of the World.
20. Pain and Suffering.
21. Our Children's Pain and Suffering,
22. Jeopardizing, Destroying and Minimizing our Future chances for Freedom, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
23. Unnecessarily for Profit Slaughtering Mother Earth, Cattle, the Butterflies, Zebras, Moonbeams and Fairytales

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