Permanent Teaching Position for Ms. Rother

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Ms. Rother came to Thayer at the beginning of 2018 as a substitute teacher for English and History classes. When the students in her classes found out that she was seeking a permanent teaching position at Thayer they were overjoyed because she was such a passionate, encouraging, and kind teacher. Upon hearing Ms. Rother had not received the position, her students felt sadness and disbelief. We all believed that Ms. Rother was a shoe in for the job because of her dedication, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the success and learning of her students.

Other than being an amazing teacher, Ms. Rother is involved in other Thayer events such as Special Olympics and encourages her students to do the same. She offered extra credit for her classes if they attended the Global Scholars capstone project presentation on Female Genital Mutilation. She did this to help support a member of the Thayer community, someone that wasn't even in one of her classes. 

"History was always tough for me but Ms. Rother explained it to me in a way I could understand and learn and provided me with different approaches that would improve my grade." -Kaleigh Walker

"My History experience at Thayer has been sub-par at best before my Junior year. My Freshman year I had three different History teachers and sophomore year had two teachers due to uncontrollable circumstances. It would be a big mistake to lose a teacher like Ms. Rother. She is the best history teacher that I have ever had because she challenged and brought out the best in all her students." -Dan Fallon

"She has been the best teacher I've ever had during my years at Thayer" -Ashly Cashman