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PROTEST AND PETITION against the postitive commemoration of THATCHERISM that has destroyed working class communities; led to the breaking up of the NHS; the abolition of free education and social mobility; the end of affordable rents and mortgages; the destruction of the state owned public sector (including transport, police, fire and ambulance services); the end of the small businessman; the demonising of gay people with 'Section 28'; and much much more. If that isn't enough, she made herself a war criminal by ordering the sinking of the General Belgrano, killing 323, mostly young conscripts and sea cadets (you know how old sea cadets are?) on this antique training ship that was sailing home. The commander of HMS Conquerer sent back the order to sink the ship twice as he deemed the Belgrano 'no threat'. On the third order he fired three torpedos and blood exploded onto British hands. The international community condemned Britain's actions.

This is the legacy of Margaret Thatcher.

Now British people live under the control of a corporate controlled government that systematically reduces and subverts the power of working people and their dependents. Our children now grow up with no hope for the future, with the majority looking forward to a job, if they are lucky, at Tesco's or Mcdonalds. Gone are the days of an ambitious and creative people. This decline dates back to when Thatcher was elevated to Tory leader. She was obviously meant to be a patsy, but she was cunning and survived another two terms on the back of war-fuelled jingoism and an artificial economic boom that we are all paying the price for now. Subsequent political parties and politicians have had their chance to rescue the country, but they have all continued Thatcher's policies in taking us into oblivion. For these reasons we cannot celebrate her life as this would be the same as celebrating the death of a once proud and great nation: she sold us out.

Ths petition is not about Thatcher anymore but her legacy of 'thatcherism' that has left the country in a hopeless mess.

Let the woman have a private family funeral so that her arms-dealer son can mourn the mother who taught him how to make a living about of war and don't insult the British people by using their hard earned taxes to pay for a public funeral that the majority do not want.

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