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To intervene and prevent acts of genocide perpetrated by Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria

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Your signature could help save the next child from being orphaned by acts of genocide being committed in Benue state of Nigeria. Please help us reach the people that can make this happen; The United Nations office on genocide prevention, The British foreign secretary, the US secretary of state, the OAU Chairperson and the President of Nigeria.

The people of Benue state in Nigeria are traditionally hard-working farmers, an occupation that has earned Benue the title "Food Basket of Nigeria". On the other hand, the Fulani tribe are known to be nomadic cattle herders whose occupation has in recent times put them at odds with neighboring communities. With no open range laws in Nigeria, the cattle herders are free to graze their livestock with little geographic restrictions leading to their rampant trespassing on lands used for agriculture and consequently conflict. These conflicts have in recent years assumed an alarming proportion with Benue farmers and their families persistently attacked by Fulani herdsmen in a barbaric fashion leaving bodies whose pictures are too graphic and horrific to behold. Women and children are the usual helpless target for their butchery and slaughter and there is clear evidence that such acts are being perpetrated with great pleasure and satisfaction. 

We need your urgent help to bring an end to this evil and terror before it is too late and we have a monumental humanitarian crisis on our hands. 

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