Ban All Furries On "No Strife No Life" And Classify Them As Autistic And Retarded

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ok so like

on the no strife no life discord server it's being crowded with furries and it's a absolute nightmare, they're tracking our locations finding our cars, and family members and clubbing all of them aswell as our cars, posting their animal porn in #randomshit, 

They photoshop our faces on porn, dox us and give us aids, one little kid tried to ddos us but our toasters were too next-gen for his, 

Every single furry that joins the "No Strife No Life" discord server, the server loses 5 people, FACT.

Because who wants to deal with more of that "OwO, :3, nuzzles u, ooo whaats this?" cancer anymore, litterally only people with ADHD and autism who can't communicate will litterally do this because their too fuckheaded to go on tinder and discover a girl so they'll go sexting on a random person they met discord and known for 2 minutes and immediately cumshot 50 times in one day.

Everyone's having trouble talking in chat, the furries are corrupting it with their PORN

I want big man strife to ban all furries, because this is getting way out of hand, and pretty gay.

Actually sorry I forgot every furry supports LGBT so I'm assuming someones sexuality here. It's getting pretty shit, there that's the shit we have to make room for, for furries.

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