FREE SPEECH: That ISLAMOPHOBIA be defined as "An irrational fear of openly and honestly discussing Islam"

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There is currently no word to describe someone who manifests ...

"an irrational fear of honestly and openly discussing Islam".

The current usage of the term "ISLAMOPHOBIA" has no redeeming features.

  • It is often used to shut down discussion & debate among citizens, in politics, in the media, in academia.
  • It is used to further the criminalisation of free thinking.
  • It conflates reasonable criticism with prejudice when no such prejudice exists.
  • It conflates reasonable criticism with fear, when no such fear exists.
  • It creates a presumption of prejudice and is therefore itself a form of "pre-judgement" or prejudice.
  • It is emotionally manipulative and used to intimidate.
  • It is highly offensive.
  • It favours one religion over all others.
  • It victimises Muslim Apostates who wish to share their views with the community.
  • It treats thoughtful Muslims in an infantile manner.
  • It provides cover for advocates of Jihad.
  • It can make discussion about religion in general far too awkward.
  • It prevents any possible form of moderate Islam from being identified.
  • It inhibits open, interfaith dialogue and debate.

The improved definition solves all these problems.

  • It condemns intellectual cowardice.
  • It condemns moral cowardice.
  • It presumes intelligence and good will.
  • It treats Muslims as equals in a free society.
  • It does not in any way vilify Islam or Muslim Apostates or anyone else.
  • It embodies a moral condemnation of evasion, political correctness, and double-speak in a manner that promotes the health of democratic society.
  • It fosters an expectation of rational discourse.
  • It liberates and empowers ongoing, open, honest discussion.
  • It is anti-bigotry, anti-prejudice, anti-racist.
  • It is far less prone to misuse than the current use of the word.
  • Since fear of discussing ideas is indeed irrational, it is appropriate to refer to such a fear as a "phobia".

 There is a very strong need for a word to describe:

"an irrational fear of honestly and openly discussing Islam"

Therefore, by the will of the people, let that word be:


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