Change of CoVID Isolation Center to classrooms & halls instead of hostels & SAVE OUR STUFF

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As per the notice received on our mail from registrar sir, Hostel K is being made the quarantine isolation center and we have to take our belongings within 3 days (ourselves or with the help of local guardian) which is not possible for the vast majority of students due to multiple scenarios as follows :

1. Outer State students have almost negligible probability to travel & reach TIET in the given time frame.

2. Even In-State students can not receive the safe travel pass and make all the necessary arrangements in such a short period of time.

3. Even for those who somehow made the arrangements, it will be very risky to travel in this situation as Patiala itself is a red zone. Moreover, the chances of coming in contact with CoVID19 virus is also great when a large gathering of all the hostelers & local guardian take place.

Not only these scenarios, we, the hostelers of hostel K would like to point out that there was no mention of hostel K in the notice as mentioned in the mail from the Patiala city govt. This sudden announcement is very disturbing & alarming for all of us. Link to the notice/document.

Moreover, despite your vague assurance, we can not completely trust the authorities with our important belongings in case of electronics/gadgets (fragile items, any minor mistake in handling can lead to loss of thousands of rupees), daily use items & the clothes (as many of us have put the used and fresh cloths in a random way in our rooms. If even by mistake, they are put together for a large amount of time, the chances of their fabric getting harmed from fungi is very large. It will ruin our clothes). Who will be held responsible for these loses?

The vacation of the belongings by the hostel administration is creating a fear of getting our stuff contaminated during the process. At least this much sense of security should be provided to us given that we have already paid hostel fees and mess fees in advance & are not even using using it.

Therefore, we request the responsible authorities to shift the location of quarantine center to many available halls & classrooms OR find a solution to the above mentioned issues to reassure us & completely guarantee the safety of our belongings.

Sir/Ma'am, we completely understand that these are hard times but hazarding the belongings of hundreds of hostelers and creating a mass sense of panic among us when alternative solutions like the halls & the classrooms (Old Library, E-F blocks) are available is totally not the best answer to the situation at hand.

Please try to understand our view point and help us out with this.

Thaparians of Hostel K