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Respected Hon'ble - President of India, Prime Minister and All heads of Political Parties,


A small pup was kicked by a person, till its intestines had come out.  A barbaric act.  He also abused the lady who stood for the animal.

Cruelty towards animals is on the rise, The poor souls tend to hide, run, hurt by various forms of cruel acts such as - 

a. Do not see a domestic animal and run past by vehicles it and not even wait to see if there is a need for help.  Inhumane act.

b. Because a dog barks, some people tend to poison a pack of dogs.

c. Hurt the animal till it becomes weak and dies a natural death

d. Tie an animal to a post, so that it does not follow, and leave it there to defend itself or die a natural death.

e. Feed unhealthy or unsutable food, so the animal dies a natural death.

f.  Leave personal animals such as cows, buffaloes, Donkeys, Old horses etc in the street, causing accidents as well as injuries to many.  These animals are left on roads to get food for themselves and people at time of milk etc, would come and take the milk and leave the animal.  

g. Pet animals and Stray animals should have equal rights, to live and fed proper food and have right to medicine and treatment.  All vets should take a oath for this.

h.  Managing animals without basic amenities and should have cleanliness/hygiene places to live.

i.  Banning back yard and  breeders who do not follow a code and only allow one breeding cycle for a female in two years.  Breeders, should take responsible for retired animals and feed them till their end of life, normally, not through euthanization or abandoning them.  

j. Abandoning a pet animal for various reasons, would lead to criminal offense.  

k. Any person collecting money in the name of animal welfare and is not using the same for it, should be treated in similar fashion as that of cheating and give the right to file a criminal/civil case against the person or the organisation.

We request all parties to become united and quickly come to a consensus and pass the bill for animal welfare, pending for some time.  Every minute of delay is causing valuable lives to be lost.

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