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Petitioning Kate's wish - protect our dogs

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It is my hope that we can stop the endless breeding of puppies. Dont support  breeders who advertise on the internet.  We should all be giving loving homes to dogs who are in rescue homes.  IF you need to buy a puppy, make sure that you see a professional paper trail.  Ensure the puppy and it's mother are clean, bright, healthy, exercised and have been vaccinated. 

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Kate's wish - protect our dogs
There are too many dogs in this Country and not enough loving homes. Unlawful breeders should be stopped. Dogs are being exploited and abused. The public are paying for puppies in good faith, only to find the dogs are in poor health and quite often die very young. We cannot keep on producing dogs. Tighter guidelines should be in place and a law reached to make it very difficult to become a breeder. Good breeders will abide, bad breeders will not.