Build a new skate park in Bristol City Centre

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The Bristol city council have put skate stoppers on the ledges at the newly opened memorial plaza in Bristol city centre with no formal warning. They said that we could skate there if we did not touch the Cenotaph – which none of us did as we respect the memorial. When it was opened to the public there were no skate stoppers other than the ones around the memorial – which makes complete sense. No one skated the memorial.  

A few months later we came back to find all of the ledges/blocks had been covered in curved metal bars making them impossible to skate. This is an issue as they gave us no formal warning and there were no signs saying we could not skate there. Bristol City Council previously stated that although there were no specific rules or restrictions around skateboarding in the area, it was monitoring the use of the space and was considering “adjustments to protect the monuments and street furniture from damage”. Again, no one skated the benches, or ‘street furniture’, or the memorials/monuments.

We are going to challenge the local council and hold them account to banning skateboarding in the centre of Bristol – even though there are a very limited amount of places to skate in the centre of Bristol. There are also very few skate parks in Bristol – and most of these are miles away from most people. Our aim is to receive the support of the council to provide us with a new skate park in the centre of Bristol. The ideal place would be the area on Castle Street next to Castle Park. The ground there has been cleared for ages and seem to be being put to no good use.