Two days to save our Thanet Coast Project Officer

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Rob Yates
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Thanet District Council has chosen to remove the role of Thanet Coast Project Officer from their latest Budget. The Consultation over this role ends on 11th April.

We the undersigned demand that Thanet District Council retains the Thanet Coast Project Officer role. Coastal Wardens give their time freely to monitor, protect, enhance and educate about the Thanet Coast and its wonderful, diverse marine species, wildlife and Chalk Reef. The Thanet Coast Project has over 100 trained volunteers that need coordinating and without this key role, it is likely to be the end of the project. This volunteer resource provided over 2200 hours of work on the Thanet coast last year. The tasks and activities carried out by the volunteers are arranged, coordinated and supported by Tony Child, the current Thanet Coast Project Officer.

Although the council is unlikely to pay attention to this E-petition it is essential we raise awareness of this short-sighted decision in time for the consultation deadline of the 11th April.

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