Say NO to traveller sites at Potten Street car park and Shottendane Road.

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Ahead of the Cabinet meeting on 19th August, this petition requests that Thanet District Council (TDC) reopen the assessment for suitable sites for temporary traveller sites in the Isle of Thanet and remove both Potten Street car park and the land at Shottendane Road from future lists. 

Neither of these sites are suitable for people to reside at, even temporarily, and the plans brought forward before Cabinet are drastically different from when the list of sites was put forward by the working party. The working party, established to consider suitable options for a temporary traveller site, last met in December and has not met since even virtually whilst the proposed list brought before Cabinet no longer includes various sites that were recommended. 

Potten Street car park is located next to the A299 (Thanet Way) and is unsafe for children and families to reside at and the land at Shottendane Road is prime agricultural land which as we come out of the lockdown and pandemic we must do all we can to preserve for future needs. 

The Government’s own planning guidance on traveller sites clearly states: 

"Local planning authorities should very strictly limit new traveller site development in open countryside that is away from existing settlements or outside areas allocated in the development plan. Local planning authorities should ensure that sites in rural areas respect the scale of, and do not dominate, the nearest settled community, and avoid placing an undue pressure on the local infrastructure."

And that councils should (make)  - 

“effective use of previously developed (brownfield), untidy or derelict land”

St Nicholas at Wade Parish Council submitted a petition six months ago regarding the local community’s objections to the use of Potten Street car park and to enter into a consultation that is designed to bring forward multiple temporary sites when only two are included will only further delay the allocation of a temporary site. 

Neither of these sites will be temporary, they will be permanent - users will only be able to stay at a specific site for a continuous three months and then they must move onto another site. 

In short, this petition is asking for TDC to: 

- conduct a more thorough search and assessment for sites.

- remove both Potten Street car park and the land at Shottendane Road. 

- compile a list of proposed sites that are safe for occupants and the public alike. 

- prioritise the use of brownfield land for new sites.