Save Our Workshops!

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Save Our Workshops!

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Thanet Enterprise Group started this petition to Thanet Distrist Council

Thanet District Council,

Stop the sale. We need these jobs!

Don’t sell our workshops from under our feet.

We’re calling on the UKIP-run Thanet District Council to reconsider its decision to put the Thanet Enterprise Units (TEU) site in Broadstairs, Kent up for auction on February 6th. We are a group of 22 small businesses that collectively pay a rent to the Council of £30,000. Some of us have been tenants for over 30 years. We were not informed that Thanet Council had decided to sell our site until we were informed about it by our Ward Councillor, Jenny Matterface.

Our families rely on income from our businesses. These units have provided, and should continue to provide, valuable start-up space for small light industrial businesses to set up their operations. Businesses include Anthony Willisson, Bricklayer, Gary Bezer, specialist classic car panel manufacturer, Mark Howe, Broadstairs metal craft, Tony LeSurf, Metal Window Maintenance, Barry Ford, Traditional Furnishings. Some businesses that started out at TEU, grew and moved on to larger premises.

We made enquiries to self manage 3 years ago and yet we have not had even the courtesy of reply from the Council.

The first notification letter we received was from the auctioneer yesterday, January 15th to inform us that our livelihoods, our lives, are going to change for the worse. To date, we’ve never received notification from our landlord, Thanet District Council

We’re asking Chris Wells, Leader Thanet District Council to please get around the table to talk with us.

 Come and see our community of businesses. We’d like to show you how the Thanet Enterprise Units businesses work and the site is vital resource and are unsuitable to be sold off.

Please pull this ludicrous sale from the February public auction.  We know as a local authority you are under pressure to sell off unviable assets. But Thanet Enterprise Units are viable and are working!

News of this sell off is badly affecting our businesses. Some of us want to be able to offer apprenticeships in a place with high youth unemployment. Please don't bury our businesses and sell off our workshops and livelihoods. Once they are gone, they are gone for good.

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This petition had 678 supporters

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