Tougher action against Burglary, Car theft and other crimes

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Crimes like burglary, vandalism and breaking in to cars has been rising over the past few years in Milton Keynes. It was one of the safest city/smart city. But not anymore. 

Families are often traumatised and it takes ages to recover... We are often asked to protect ourselves by installing cameras, smart water etc., but the policing never disclose any strategies or provide more resources to cater to the pressing needs of the society. 

Even when the crime is caught on CCTV, mobile phones or other devices and presented to the authorities such as, the Thames Valley Police, they have no interest in pursuing or investigating these cases, often shutting them down due to "insufficient evidence" or "lack of resources". It is utterly shocking that we have to wait until someone is literally murdered before the authorities will take this matter seriously. The issue is now spreading far and wide, on social media and in general conversations amongst the public up and down the city. It is having a major impact on the safety of the citizens of the city. The Police have a duty to protect the general public and act on this but for all intensive purposes it would appear these crimes are being allowed to continue and to increase.

Let us act together to bring the change. Milton Keynes cannot be a smart city if its failing in the safety and security of its own society.