END school closures when buses are cancelled

END school closures when buses are cancelled

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Thames Valley District School Board

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Started by Michelle Vodden

Sign to end "Inclement weather school CLOSURES".

Over the last several weeks Thames Valley District School board has closed  schools in the London and Middlesex area due to "inclement weather", leaving thousands of parents struggling to find childcare last minute. This "new policy" was put in to motion on Wednesday Feb 2nd with the fear of a winter snow storm all buses were cancelled to these schools and TVDSB used their "right" to close all schools completely stating in an email sent out last Thursday...

"Effective immediately, when the *bussed schools, as listed below, have bus route cancellations as a result of weather conditions, those affected schools, located within the region or zone, will be required to close and transition to remote learning on those days"


They have claimed it is due to staffing shortages, T combined with inclement weather pose a challenge in ensuring the safety of students. Our preference is to avoid combining classes, where possible. 

This has NEVER been the case before.  When the buses were cancelled you could still walk or drive your child to school...until NOW? 

 So yet another reason hard working parents cant go to work, due to Covid. This is unacceptable and needs to stop!! Not everyone has the capability to work from home and children need stability. Schools have always been deemed a safe place, what has changed. this pandemic has been going on for 2 years. 

Please sign and take a stand to push back against this "new rule" Parents are hard working and pay for schools and should be allowed to drop their children off regardless if the buses are cancelled, not everyone takes the bus and some children are still able to walk to school. 


28 have signed. Let’s get to 50!