Stop Abortion Harassment in Thames

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Stop Abortion Harassment in Thames

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The problem

Voice for Life has for many years in Thames held a protest on Friday mornings aimed at women seeking an abortion at the Thames hospital. Their signs and their message undermine women's right to an abortion, undermine a woman's right to choose and are intimidating and harassing. No woman seeking healthcare, no matter the procedure, should be subjected to an attack on her right to that health care metres from the hospital entrance.

The anti-abortion protests are indiscriminate harassment of women seeking a legal abortion, they are harassment of all women in the community who have had an abortion in their life (1 in 4 NZ women, and approximately 13,000 per year) and undermine respect for women and women's rights.

The solution

We are asking the Thames-Coromandel District Council, the Waikato District Health Board and the Police to take action to stop this harassment of women by Voice for Life and create a safe environment for all women accessing important healthcare services in Thames.  

The community and our supporters need to take positive action to ensure women in Thames can safely and secure access abortion services without being intimidated or harassed.



More about abortion access in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Abortion is regulated as a crime, not a health matter, in Aotearoa New
According to the Crimes Act 1961, until the 20th week of pregnancy,
abortion is only legal if two specially appointed doctors (called certifying
consultants) agree that one of the following is the case: (i) that continuing
the pregnancy risks serious danger to the life or physical or mental health of
the woman; (ii) that there’s a substantial risk the child “would be so
physically or mentally abnormal as to be seriously handicapped”; (iii) where
the pregnancy is the result of incest or sex with a guardian; (iv) where the
pregnant “woman or girl is severely subnormal”.
Rape (called “sexual violation” under the law) and extreme ages of the girl
or woman may be taken into account, but are not grounds for abortion.
After the 20th week of pregnancy abortion is only legal to save the life of
the woman, or to prevent serious permanent injury to her physical or
mental health.
Danger to Mental Health was the legal ground used to approve for more than 97% of all abortions in 2014. 

Women should be trusted by the law and the community to make the best decision for them and their families. 

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