Thailand has safe abortion services! The Health Dept. (MOPH) of Thailand must share this

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Dear International Reproductive Rights Community,

Please join us in our fight to ensure that all Thai people to know about the facts and information of safe and legal abortion.  Women are being harmed by unsafe abortion because they do not know that safe services from skilled providers are available and supported.  This is a violation of human rights, because:

·         The regulations of the Medical Council of Thailand allow registered doctors to provide abortions if the pregnancy affect women’s physical and mental health

·         Abortion pills have been officially registered by The Food and Drug Administration of Thailand since 2015.

·         Thailand has a Referral System for Safe Abortion, a network of doctors and nurses who provide safe and legal abortion for Thai women according to the regulations of the Medical Council of Thailand

·         The National Health Security Office of Thailand gives an allowance to registered hospitals to support and provide abortion services for the women.  The hospitals receive 3000 BTH (about 100 USD) for each woman who has an unplanned pregnancy and needs abortion services. 

Yet, most people in Thailand have NO idea that these services are available, legal, and financially supported.


Key government sectors such as the Department of Health of Thailand and the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand have never advertised nor given the information to public, because they fear resistance from some sectors.  As a result, too many Thai women are admitted to hospitals with severe bleeding or complications from using fake and unsafe abortion pills by themselves, and from getting unsafe surgical abortion from illegal clinics.


Please sign our petition to the Department of Health to save women from unsafe abortion.

 “Tam Tang” , a group formed by Thai female activists who have experienced getting an abortion and have provided help and counselling for women to access safe abortion, has joined with “the Choice Network Thailand ”, “Women’s Wellbeing and Gender Justice Program”, “Sexualities Studies Association” and "Asia Pacific Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights", to develop this petition to demand The Thai Department of Health to clarify, publicize and give accurate information and facts about safe and legal abortion, services providing sectors and the support allowance policy.  This information is critical to protect women’s health and lives.   This will also protect and to encourage all doctors and nurses, who are providing services and helping those with unplanned pregnancies.