City of two wheels (Green bike lane)

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In the area of Mahakarn fortress, there are old district and community that surround the fortress where people still have unique way of living. For instance building and architecture still have the main material of wood. Life styles and cultures remain the same as their ancestor used to do in the past.

“POM MAHA KAN” is located on the centre of Bangkok. So, It causes a traffic jam because around Pom Maha kan, there’re a lot of landmarks. So, Pom Maha kan is the passage way to go to landmarks example : Khao San road that Thai people and foriegener always pass that way. And a lane between fortress and king monument is a bit small and not enough space for parking, so some people will park along side the road. So, it blocks the flow of road. And also the footpath between fortress and monument is very small. People doesn’t want to walk along the footpath because it’s too dangerous. that’s why there a lot of cars here.According to the density of traffic jam results in pollution that emits trough the air, which can cause further damage either to human or environments. ”

Bikeway is one of the best solution from our analysis of city’s problem without wasted the energy by used a bicycle instance and made it’s become one type of transportation that more recognize to Thai people

We locate the bike lane on the traffic island to bring out more function and emphasize the atmosphere by planting trees along the sides of the bike lane, which can put security to cyclist too. By doing this, it could encourage people to ride bicycle instead of car, which can reduce traffic jam and pollution. Furthermore, it could solves the foot path misused

special feature that we've added to our bikeway design is a system of renting a bike or taking a guided cycle tour is a special feature that support bikeways to make it recognize with people nd tourist to get used with bangkok’s coutre by interaction with the context of city and people lifestyle.”

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