The criminalization of Women who need abortion in Thailand must end!

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The criminalization of pregnant women in Thailand must end!  Please join our campaign to abolish section 301 of the criminal law of Thailand to protect women’s lives and rights

The criminal law of Thailand, promulgated in 1957, has provisions on the offense of abortion in sections 301-305.

Section 301 specifies the offense of women who have an abortion, saying that

            “Any woman causing her own abortion or allowing another person to cause it shall be punished with not more than three years of prison or a fine of not more than six thousand Baht, or both.”

However, the regulations of the Medical Council of Thailand allow registered doctors to provide abortions if the pregnancy affect women’s physical and mental health.  Additionally:

·         Abortion pills have been officially registered by The Food and Drug Administration of Thailand since 2015.

·         Thailand has a Referral System for Safe Abortion, a network of doctors and nurses who provide safe and legal abortion for Thai women according to the regulations of the Medical Council of Thailand

·         The National Health Security Office of Thailand gives an allowance to registered hospitals to support and provide abortion services for the women.  The hospitals receive 3000 BTH (about 100 USD) for each woman who has an unplanned pregnancy and needs abortion services. 


Because of this contradiction in the law, many Thai women believe abortion is illegal and do not access safe services when faced with an unwanted pregnancy.  As a result, too many Thai women are admitted to hospitals with severe bleeding or complications from using fake and unsafe abortion pills by themselves, and from getting unsafe surgical abortion from illegal clinics.  A 2014 study found In that there are 300,000 – 400,000 unsafe abortions a year in Thailand and 300 women died in every 100,000 unsafe abortions[1] . This means over 1,000 women in Thailand die every year because of lack of information about safe services and fear that abortion is illegal.  Tam Tang, a group formed by female activists who have experienced getting an abortion and have provided help and counseling for women to have access to safe abortion ask for your support.  Section 301 must be repealed!  Access to safe abortion services is a reproductive right for every woman in the world.  

Please add your name and organization to demand that the State Council and the Constitutional Court act to protect the health and rights of women in Thailand, and repeal Section 301.

We, the undersigned, petition the State Council and the Constitutional Court to repeal Section 301 of the criminal law, which criminalizes Thai women who have abortions. 

 [1]Unsafe Abortion in Thailand: Roles of RTCOG,
Prof. Kamheang Chaturachinda, MB ChB, MD, FRCOG,Thai Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
January 2014, Vol. 22, pp. 2-7