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I am of the strong opinion that this tik tok Should be banned totally. It not only had these Objectionable videos but also pushing youngsters towards unproductive life where they are living only for few followers and even dying when no.

Some days ago, a TikTok influencer Faizal Siddiqui, who has over 12 million followers, was accused of propagating violence against women in one of his videos and has been edited to mislead viewers.

The national commission of women has also said It will write to the government to ban Tik Tok. Several videos on the platform, including those showing cruelty towards animals, have shown up. TikTok said siddiqui account has been suspended.

TikTok has faced controversies In the past in india aa well, as it was banned by Madras court Fir three months in april 2019 after being accused of promoting pornographic content and exposing children to predators. However the popularity of the App continued to grow, with indians clocking 5.5 billion hours on TikTok In 2019- an increase of over 5 times From the 900 million hour spent in 2018.

Now these apps are now in the news once again for wrong reasons. In a protest of sorts, millions of Indian users of TikTok have taken to uninstalling the app and rating it to one � star on the Google play store. This happened after some TikTok users Posted videos promoting violence against women and subsequently roasted by popular YouTubers like carryMinati.

The main limitation of this app is that it doesn't contain any filter for people having different age category for eg. children, youngsters and old aged people use it but the content is same for all. There is no restriction. Other is that some people do astrology on it. It is encouraging people into superstitions. Because of this, children have forgotten to read and play . Their future is going in danger. Sometimes it comes with lousy comments also. Some parents are also encouraging their children.This is shameless. One more thing, if India stop using this, China losses approx 1million daily And 250+ Chinese losses their job. Three days after the clash at Galwan Valley, Indians have found a new way to boycott Chinese products by uninstalling them and leaving negative reviews on the apps. Our 20 Indian army personnel, including a colonel, were killed In the clash with Chinese troops in the Eastern ladakh, the biggest military confrontation between India and china in over 5 decades. As news broke, many indians reacted with trying to boycott Chinese products, including apps. A hashtag with #HindiChiniByeBye showed details of all the apps(China associated) whick you could uninstall. While the barrage of bad reviews and uninstalls are on going, the apps have observed a dip in rating.  So LET'S TAKE REVENGE of our SOLDIERS' Sacrifices and boycott these apps.

At last, I boycott this app completely, if you think the same way, then sign the petition it and spread it.

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