Awareness of minors personal space whilst travelling on London buses is respected.

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My name is Karen and I have three young children. I rely on public transport in London to get to and from essentail daily activities such as nursery, swimming lessons and days out with my children. Sadly on the majority of our journeys we have our personal space invaded, my children are subjected to unwanting touching by other passengers who reach out from their seats to 'pet' them by stroking their hair, touching their faces and hands without warning or asking for permission. There are a lot of people who reach out to 'help' again without warning or asking if we would like their assistance, they often grip my twin boys by the arms unexpectedly and without us wanting them too. There have been incidents where strangers we do not know ae reached over from the seats behind to touch my childrens hair, hands that they are using to hold onto the bus with which causes them to feel uncomfortable and let go. People have reached into the babys pushchair tontouch her from their seats and have even reached into my sling to stroke my babys face without warning which is intimidating. I am always met by confrontation for voicing our feelings about this being unwanted touching and I feel this confrontation is also inappropriate for young children to experience whilst travelling along with strangers repeatedly touching them. Our feelings and my parenting is without doubt undermined by the reasons these strangers give us for why we are wrong to object to their physical contact. I have approached other mums about this matter along with my children's teachers and they often have stories of a similar/same content to relay along with sympathy for the experience that we are finding ourselves facing daily. I would like TFL to acknowledge that this is a problem on the transport network and make an attempt to make as many passengers as possible aware that unwanted touching of minors for any reason without their consent or their responsible adults consent is unacceptable behaviour.