Legalize Lane Splitting in Texas

Legalize Lane Splitting in Texas

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Lane-splitting is on the Texas legislative agenda again this year! Senate Bill 273 and House Bill 1270 are both in their respective transportation committees, but will need our help to pass to a floor vote, and then hopefully into law.

So, I am working with Cyclist Law and am compiling the research on lane-splitting. We will be going to the Capitol for a lobby day to present directly to the Senators, but to get that far, we need to show the Senate that we as a motorcycle community in Texas are interested, and that we shouldn’t be ignored. Ideally, we should call and write to our representatives, but we can also sign here to show them that the motorcycle community takes this seriously.

SB273 and HB1270, in short, allow for motorcycles to lane split on Texas freeways when car traffic is 20mph or less, with the splitting motorcycle moving no more than 5mph above traffic speed.

For those on the fence about lane-splitting, this is why we want this legalized.

  • It is safer.
    • The practice of lane-splitting has a significantly lower incidence of collision as compared to motorcycles riding with the regular flow of traffic on multi-lane roads. (Oullet, 2013)
      Oullet further states that as a result, banning lane-splitting increases risk to motorcyclists.
    • The U.C. Berkeley study on lane-splitting showed that in collisions involving lane-splitting motorcyclists, the motorcyclist was approximately half as likely to suffer head, torso, or fatal injuries compared to those involved in collisions in regular traffic. (Rice, Troszak, Erhardt, 2015)
    • Having some airflow to help cool a rider, particularly one in full gear / leathers, can reduce a rider's risk of heat related emergencies here in the Texas heat.
    • Even the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that it provides an escape route for otherwise trapped or rear-ended motorcyclists. (
  • It helps alleviate traffic for cars.
    • According to a study in Belgium, it was found that if 10% of traffic were to switch to lane-splitting on motorcycles, there would be a 40% reduction in travel times for all traffic! (Yperman, Vancuyck, 2012)
      While 10% motorcycle road use is not what we currently have, every bit closer makes all of our traffic better.
    • To further illustrate the above point, consider this: Every motorcycle on the road takes up close to the space of a car. Every one of those bikes splitting is one fewer car space in front of you slowing you down. It removes motorcycles from your traffic when in a car. This is the mechanism by which it reduces traffic.
  • It has environmental benefits.
    • Less idling and time in traffic reduces emissions, and as shown above, lane-splitting helps reduce traffic. Motorcycles are also typically more fuel efficient than cars, furthering this effect.
  • Texas is known for its ethos of freedom. We want that freedom to include the freedom to get home to our families safer, faster, and with less sweat soaked clothing.

Please sign and share this petition, and let's legalize lane-splitting in Texas. It just makes sense.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!