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Anyone But Cruz for Senate in 2018 and President in 2020

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The goal is to defeat Ted Cruz in his 2018 Senate re-election race, which has the benefit of undermining the run he wants to make for President in 2020

Voting against Ted Cruz is a position that almost all Texans, and all Americans, can unite behind.

For Texans, this petition is for Republicans, independents and Democrats in Texas to express their intention to vote in the 2018 Texas Senate Republican primary, the potential primary runoff, and/or the general election for anyone but Ted Cruz.

For all Americans, this petition is to express your support for our campaign to elect anyone but Ted Cruz for Senate in 2018 and to express your intention to vote for anyone but Cruz for any future national campaigns he might run.

Ted Cruz is an embarrassment to the state of Texas and he does not represent the view or values of the vast majority of our great state's 27 million residents. His term in the Senate and his run for President have highlighted that he is in politics only for himself and definitely not in public office for Texans and Texas.

He is completely ineffective in the Senate. He is literally hated by almost every other Senator, which makes getting anything done for Texas extremely difficult. Texas has real needs and real problems to solve but Ted Cruz focuses on manufactured controversies to elevate his standing among his extreme right-wing base of supporters, many of which are not Texans.

He has cynically determined that the best way to make a name for himself is to always stake out positions that are further right than any other politician, putting him far out of the mainstrean. Beyond being an ideologue, Cruz is also a theocrat and advocates for positions that clearly cross the line of the separation of church and state

Signing this petition will signal to those considering running for Senate in 2018 that they have the ability to beat Ted Cruz.

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