For the Illegalization of Ticket Scalping in Texas

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Ticket scalping has become a serious issue, and we all know it. Many people, such as myself, want to go see concerts by their favorite artists. Some can't buy the tickets as soon as they are released, but as soon as they scrape the money together, all the tickets have been sold out. They haven't been all purchased by devoted fans, mind you. They've been mass purchased by resale websites who is then selling said tickets for over 3x the face value. Explain to me how that's fair. It isn't. It's cruel and greedy. Tell me how you're gonna tell this poor individual that they can't go to the concert that they've desperately been wanting to go to for ages just because some greedy website is trying to gouge them of all their hard earned money? We must put an end to this. Please, help illegalize ticket scalping.