Texas Tech El Paso Policy Changes

Texas Tech El Paso Policy Changes

August 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Exposing TTUHSC

We hope to bring awareness to the mistreatment, discrimination, and harassment against students and employees at TTUHSC El Paso that has gone on for far too long. 

We decided to make this petition because we think that a positive change NEEDS to happen. We believe that bringing awareness to the injustices that occur at this university is the best way to fight for this needed change. 

This petition is aimed to address three points where we think change is needed the most:

(1) The removal of Richard Lange in either his position at the University or the school of medicine

-Currently holding both of the highest positions of power at the institutional and school level creates an unethical conflict of interest and lack of checks and balances

(2) New conduct policies that offer students full due process and an adequate appeals procedure  

-Current procedures have caused several students to be unfairly and arbitrarily dismissed and their future careers ended due to faculty negligence 

(3) The removal of David Bergeon, Michael Parsa, and Tanis Hogg from their professional leadership positions or for them to be placed on immediate leave/probation

-David Bergeon Employee Relations Managing Director HR Department had racist hate speech, anti-LGBT+ material, and explicit photographs on his Twitter

-Michael Parsa is Chair of the “conduct committee” and medically assaulted a patient of which a lawsuit was filed against him by the ACLU and of which a settlement of over half a millions dollars was paid out

-Tanis Hogg is the Chair of Medical Education and on multiple occasions has targeted, discriminated, retaliated, and mistreated students. 

(4) An audit and survey conducted on the HR department who seems to have a pattern of unethical hiring and promotion practices as well as a pattern of discrimination and retaliation against employees. 

**For more information about our mission and all involved parties please visit our Instagram or Facebook @Exposing_TTUHSC 

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Signatures: 550Next Goal: 1,000
Support now