Petition Update

Greater Houston Horse Council "demands" that Texas stop shooting burros!

Karen VA Luce
Milwaukee, WI

Jan 25, 2012 — This is the resolution announced today:

RESOLVED: The Greater Houston Horse Council, representing horse owners residing among the largest concentration of horses in the United States, vehemently opposes the shooting of burros in Big Bend State Park and demands that the State of Texas through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department cease the shooting of burros to remove them from Big Bend.

This is a marvelous development in the support for saving the wild burros and ending the policy of killing the wild burros of west Texas! This petition on and the great media coverage is undoubtedly helping to raise awareness of the plight of the wild burros. The Greater Houston Horse Council is paving the way for others to join in calls to end the senseless slaying of the wild burros. Thank you all for helping to save the wild burros before they are all gone. -Please keep sharing this petition for Texas to Stop Killing Wild Burros!