Petition Update

The ugly truth: rescuers didn't catch burros, but killers did.

Karen VA Luce
Milwaukee, WI

Dec 17, 2011 — An article in Horseback Magazine gives an insider look into attitudes and reveals that wild burros can and have been captured successfully and killed mercilessly. The very least Texas Parks and Wildlife can do is stop repeating the false claim that capture of the wild burros is impossible just because rescuers failed. The cruel penned killing of mother and baby show beyond a doubt that live management of wild burros is possible. Texas Parks Dept. claims the killings are "distasteful" but necessary. They refuse to cooperate in plans for live management of the wild burros and choose extermination instead. Their plan is outrageous, extreme and should be condemned by all. Their track record demands accountability and transparency. They claim too many wild burros are there but the goal is not reduction its extermination. They can't justify that position with science or deny live management protects resources. Why are they sticking to their guns?