Petition update

Wild Burros have a Reprieve - Our work continues.

Karen VA Luce
Milwaukee, WI

Apr 2, 2012 — The burros were granted a temporary reprieve, but we haven't saved the wild herd of burros that roam between northern Mexico and Texas yet. There is reason to celebrate even though the fate of the burros remains uncertain. For now they will not be targets of deadly bullets as they peacefully graze, raise their young and seek to survive in the harsh, beautiful desert that is their ancestral home. For over a year we have tried to make the public aware that with Governor Perry's approval Texas Parks and Wildlife was killing of wild burros with the intent to exterminate them all. Their policy of killing wild burros ignored the fact that live management can and does protect the environment while avoiding wasteful killing of wildlife, and preserving the right of the public to see, study, photograph these incredible nationally protected animals. A population survey is critical information to achieve live management. This is a step in the right direction.


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