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Complete investigations into Dept.Of Family Services,CPS & Fraud funding &State kidnspping

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I'm  asking for support in a complete and thoroughly investigation for all DHFS & Child Protective Service employess and case records. I have reason to believe they are illegally removing children from their families under falsely fabricated evidence all for government funding & feral dollars. They are not using due process law & are violating rights of parents & familys by using coercion & threats. Theyhave continued to persecute me a single grandmother trying to raise my 3 small granddaughters. Me and my 3 small grandchildren ages 1&2 & 6, when my eldest daughter fell victim to drugs because of herboyfriend, i decided i needed to take a leave from work and take the babies to a safe  place where i could keep them safe and protect them. Then when she had her 3rd child with drugs in her system, CPS became involved , they falsied a photo of my newborn grandaughter, while placed in her grandfathers home cps demanded removal of all 3! I was not aware of anything that was going on til i got a call from a cps worker and supervisor demanding my grsndaughters or the cops would be called, as i became frantic i tried to expain that the girls were living with me & had been with me for a long time and why were they wanting these small children. Thru oppression, lies and false promises they took all 3 girls. Myself and the childrens great grandmother both asked the children be placed with either of us ,so they could do their "investigation " so my very young grandchildren would not be necessary,  i also had a notarized  legal guardianship doc. Signed by myself and my daughter in hand from even before when i originally took possession of the kids from my daughter. The supervisor and social worker would not even look it. They grabbed the children and said i could have them back in 6weeks when a homestudy was complete, i agreed to do whatever i needed to get my grandbabies back. The following day i had a homestudy done by the supervisor that took the kids ,after a brief interview, she wanted to see my home,i showed her the kids room and her mouth fell open,she was completely shocked and said ' oh my goodness the kids do live here'! I stated yes and thats what i had been trying to tell everyone from the dept. I had made calls to case investigator, supervisors , program director ,the kids attorney and the guardian ad litem, NOONE would return my calls! The supervisor left my home stating she would be advocating for me and she was going to call the children attoney to let her know. I assumed after that i would have them back in a matter of days. After 2 weeks of calling and texting the same supervisor she finally lets me know that the case has been transferred and i needed to contact another supervisor for another home study. At that point i needed to hire an attorney for the next 2 weeks i borrowed and sold alot of my things to pay for a good lawyer to help me,in that time i tried to call and find out how or even where the kids were i couldn't eat or sleep being sick with worry ,finally after almost a month, with the help of my daughter ,i had to force her to get involved ,as to a grandmother apparently has no rights and i was getting absolutely no where myself. My daughter got a visit,i went with her ,and then i found out my grandaughters were being abused by the dept.!! How can this be happening? ?  I intervened after hiring a attorney For almost 3 months i fought for them, court hearing after court hearing i saw perjury and contempt of court, purposely not following judges orders & more.finally after 3 months and an appeal i was given my grandchildren back. But that was just the beginning, after 30 cps reported me to the dept. With false allegations trying to open a case on me making me a perpetrator.  After a investigator that was utterly disgusting,  i found out on my granddaughters 2nd day of school a male cps investigator asked my 6yr old grandaughter" How many times she has touched her dads penis ",  im livid and beside myself when NOTHING in this case ever had anything sexual in nature attached to it whatsoever. After 3 months of having the chikden i was assigned a kinship worker, there was a small supplemental payment i qualified for ,after several months of trying to get this 1,900 check ,it was brought to my attention my my caseworker that the payment period had already passed the peiod the money Iis supposed to be paid within 90 days ,which made no sense because i didnt gey the worker til after 90. After looking into the reason because that payment now had to be amended, the kinsip worker informed me after talking to her supervisor the reason was because my granddaughters had been placed in a facility's where they are to be adopted out to strangers!!! I couldn't believe my ears! The obvious actions and abuses from this dept is far more sinister then imaginable! And thats not the end of this story ,the ending trial is coming  up on the 18th of april 2017 ,they have recently filed a motion for removal from me ,and i had to fight a day incourt against them for that. They perjergerd them selves in court, have changed case workers 3 differnt times on me, it seems everytime a case woker sided witj me ,it changed. Its been almost a year iv been dealing with these illegal criminals and they have aquired every tactic in the book to use agsinst me, im worn down ,and have these ppl in my life ,in my home and in my grandaughters lives, demanding services they dont even need. After extensive research and talking and networking with many ppl ,i find out the incentive of this nightmare and fight was money that the children now qualify  for ,but yet in the years iv had them before and the 8month iv had the back from the dept.  I get absolutely NOTHING for them. They have all these different ppl wanting to have acess to the childen, that i dont trust with good reason.  I just want someone to hear our story that can call for this change and end these acts against our childen and humanity as a whole.  Please support my cause and petition thank you and may a God bless us and our childen.  

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